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One Day at a Time
The purpose of Rising Sun Sober Living is to give individuals in recovery the opportunity to adjust to living, working, and attending AA meetings while living in a clean and sober environment surrounded by supportive people in recovery.

Easy Does It

Rising Sun is committed to offering affordable, spacious, good quality housing in a home-like setting. Our top priority is to assure each house is in harmony and provides a serene, sober environment. Hence, our common welfare comes first—and individual welfare follows closely afterward.

rising sun sober living
Acceptance is Key

The homes are tastefully furnished and equipped with all the amenities necessary to be comfortable, find work and begin rebuilding lives. All locations are close to transportation, markets, malls, restaurants and many AA meetings.

Keep it Simple
At Rising Sun residents are responsible for choosing their own program of recovery. However, we provide just the right amount of structure and accountability to insure our guests achieve their goals, as well as help them transition back into a productive, healthy lifestyle. Most residents are members of 12-Step programs, but we do support other programs in the community that work better for others. Residents are encouraged to choose a program where they feel most comfortable.

Just for Today
Our company is well managed and supervised by professional, caring men and women whom are compassionate about helping people in recovery. The foundation of our program is based on the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Rising Sun is not a faith based program, but a spiritual program that encourages residents to attend 12-Step meetings, read the Big Book, get a sponsor, get into service and take advantage of the fellowship available to them. Certain locations have meetings on site - as many as three per day.

Gratitude is an Attitude

First month’s guest fee is $450 including a one-time processing fee. Thereafter, guest fees are $400 monthly, $125 weekly or $225 bi-monthly. Included in your guest fee: Random drug testing, utilities, cable TV, local/ld phone, computer, paper products, cleaning supplies and laundry soap. There is no mandatory stay limit beyond the first month. Guests can stay as long as desired.

Willingness is Key
Rising Sun is an approved provider of Safe and Sober Housing through the State of Idaho Department of Health & Welfare. Residents eligible for state funding pay a program fee of $60 per month.

“Rising Sun Sober Living helped me re-gain my inner focus and strength”
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1. Make a commitment to stay clean and sober one day at a time
2. Attend at least 3 recovery type meetings per week.
3. Abide by curfew
4. Attend house meetings
5. Keep personal area clean
6. Do daily chore
7. Be considerate and respectful to other residents.
8. Submit to random drug and alcohol tests
9. Pay guest fee
10. Stay as long as desired